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Healing with candles and colors

Candles are, hands down, one of my necessities. I always have them on hand as they serve multiple purposes. They come in so many different colors and scents. From white to neon green, smelling like sweet Lavender to decadent German Chocolate Cake, candles simply add a little touch of peace, elegance, and aroma, if you choose, to any space.

We light candles to celebrate special occasions as well as to honor lost loved ones. While lit, you may not realize this, but they are helping you heal by transmuting bad energies and subtly sending you good ones. How cool is that?

As an Energy Healing Practitioner, I like to incorporate different techniques into my healing sessions to give the energies a little extra boost. One of my favorites, which I also do regularly at home, is Candle Working. It's exactly what it sounds like - working with candles to assist your purpose. Anyone can light a candle and it’s all about the color.

Each candle color means something. The color, or colors, chosen sends out the energies that it represents. Very often, during healing sessions, I am asked what particular colors mean. Well, I can't give you a solid answer. Colors can represent different things to different people. I will tell you that there is no right or wrong here. I encourage you to go with what you feel. For me, green represents healing, while to someone else it may represent money.

Here are some basic candle colors and their meanings that I use while giving sessions that, I have found, works best for many:

Blue - Finances, Focus, Forgiveness, Weight Loss, Truth, Communication.

Black – Protection, Grounding, Wisdom, Safety, Removing Negativity.

Brown – Concentration, Stability, Financial Crisis.

Gold – Abundance, Understanding, Health.

Green - Healing, Peace, Growth, Acceptance.

Light Blue – Peace, Tranquility, Spirituality.

Orange – Creativity, Change, Self-Expression, Overcoming Addiction, Business Success.

Pink – Love, Compassion, Protection of Children, Friendship, Spiritual & Emotional Healing.

Purple – Wisdom, Breaking Habits, Independence.

Red – Passion, Strength, Sex, Courage, Assertiveness, Fertility.

White – All Purpose. Purity, Unity, Peace, Balance, Healing. Yellow – Success, Pleasure, Happiness, Inspiration, Confidence, Learning.

Again, these are just the basic colors. These meanings could be different for others and, as I mentioned, just go with what you feel.

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