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Easy Crystal and Gemstone Cleansing

Cleansing Your Crystals and Gemstones If you own crystals and gemstones, setting them out in the rain is a great way to cleanse them. Or simply give them a rinse under cool running water.

Your stones emit energy and so, they absorb energy, too. They become dull and drained from absorbing negative energy. They become dirty. Water neutralizes the negative energy that your stones may have picked up. Water is one of nature's elements. Nature's elements are all energy. Therefore, water is energy. See how that works?

You'll want to make sure you cleanse your stones from time to time (don't forget any natural stone jewelry, too). Depending on how much you use them or how much bad energy is around, every few days or once a week is good. I do mine rather frequently, because I use my gems and crystals in my healing treatments. Trust your gut.

When it rains here in the Windy City, especially when it thunderstorms, I pull my stones out and allow nature to pour down on them. If you're as connected to your stones as I am, you may be able to feel a slight "joy" in your stones while they are bathing and getting clean and clear for you.

Water is such a simple way to give your stones a nice cleanse and hey, it's FREE and takes no time at all!





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