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Quit Resisting

Love is key. Let it in.

As an Energy Healing Practitioner, I am visited by many people who are going through, or recently gone through, an emotional heartbreak. Most of the time, I've observed that the trauma from the experience causes many people to become 'cold' and 'hardened'. You commonly hear it referred to as, "Putting your walls or guard up," or, "Building a wall around your heart." The Heart Chakra, the body's fourth primary energy center, is greatly impacted by this. It closes up and becomes blocked.

It's normal, though. It's a human defense mechanism that our bodies flip on when we feel emotionally hurt. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, because we feel our world is in a state of total disorder which makes us feel lost and confused. We, knowingly or unknowingly, build a protective emotional and mental armor to wear. We 'put our guard up' and live with this 'guard' up thinking it will protect us from feeling that horrible hurt ever again. I totally get it.

Quite the contrary, though, it's actually hurting us more. You see, "Love" didn't hurt you. The person that didn't know 'how to love' hurt you. The person who didn't have self-love, self-respect, or self-worth hurt you. It's not "Love" that hurt you. Do your best to remember that. 

When you put this 'guard' up, you shut down your Heart Chakra. This hinders you from forming and maintaining happy healthy relationships. You live in grief - apathetic, always tired, unmotivated, uninspired. It forms anger issues, jealousy, controlling, and grudges. You stop allowing yourself to feel loved by someone else. Even if you feel the same way, you stop yourself and think, "Oh no, I don't want to get hurt." It's like you took a step forward only to take two steps back. This is stressful. It's preventing you from living, learning, and growing.

Love is key to life. Love uplifts, supports, encourages, motivates, inspires, and heals. When you feel hurt or sad, love soothes you. When you feel lost, love helps you find your way. Love gives your life meaning and purpose. Love is worth a try over and over again. It's up to you to allow love in. Take the initiative to let your heart enjoy life again. You deserve it.

I am not a psychotherapist or counselor. I am not an expert. I am human and I feel the same feelings you do. I am a woman who lived in a very dark place for several years. Unhealthy toxic relationships destroyed me. I only knew grief - stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, bulimia, and had a very low confidence for love and life. I, sadly, stopped believing in love.

How did I pull through? After exhausting all my resources to heal, I made the decision to give energy healing a try. My only regret was not doing it sooner. It was incredible! I gained a whole new sense of peace, joy, and forgiveness. This opened the door to a whole new sense of Love. 

Now here I my days for the past seven years in love and light and I continue to do so. I strive to be a better person every day and, sure, some days are better than others but that's life! No one lives a perfect life, but I am happy and feel so free. We are meant to live, learn, and grow from our experiences. We were born to love and to be loved. We cannot live without love. The more we resist, the harder it becomes. Quit resisting and allow yourself to let go, love, and be loved.

Wishing you well on your life journey!

Namaste ~ En Aura Healing

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